Natural Outlaws and Fractured Sovereignty

NA Queer Dark Fantasy

A precarious royal court. Two thieves with everything to lose.

Caught robbing the Governor’s mansion, Blythe and Kalen have only one chance to evade execution: they must complete an impossible heist in the corrupt royal court of a rival nation. But the Fletch palace brims with darker challenges at every turn, forcing them to confront their innermost demons.

Can a martyr learn to live? Can a coward learn to fight?

Will the cruelties of court tear their friendship apart? Or can they salvage a future together in a world that doesn’t want them?


Debut YA Dystopian

This high-stakes read is perfect for fans of The 100 and X-Men. Readers will follow Renee and her friends in a post-apocolyptic future, as they try to survive and keep their abilities hidden from the government.

Time is running out, and jarring truths about their world lurk just around the corner.